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About Bohlweki SSI
Bohlweki-SSI Environmental, the Environmental Sector of SSI, provides a broad range of environmental consulting services. Bohlweki Environmental was established in 1995 by the late Rufus
Maruma. Soon after its inception, SSI obtained a stake in the independent consulting company and over the years gradually
increased their shareholding until they achieved 100% ownership in 2008 and Bohlweki was totally integrated into SSI.

Striving for excellence as a business is one of our primary goals and it is this all-out commitment to succeed that attracted investment in Bohlweki from the respected SSI Engineering and Environmental Consultants and has in turn earned the approval of its majority shareholder, the Netherlands-based DHV Group.

The Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) ownership in SSI is currently at 30%. As the Environmental Sector of SSI, not only are
we empowered from an ownership point of view, but our current staff complement also reflects our policies of empowerment and
skills transfer, with more than 80% of our staff classified as historically disadvantaged, of which some 46% are previously disadvantaged individuals.

Unchanged, however, is the high level of professional services and highly qualified staff expected of a leading environmental
consultancy. In fact due to SSI's involvement with the Netherlands based DHV Group, Clients of Bohlweki-SSI Environmental have
access to the latest international thinking and codes of environmental best practice. DHV employ more than 4 500 engineers and environmental scientists and operate in 30 countries around the globe. This blend of local and international experience is an integral part of the Bohlweki-SSI Environmental offering.

Since 2000, Bohlweki has twice been voted one of the top 300 South African Black Empowerment companies by the Impumelelo Innovations Awards Trust. The Trust has as its mission: "Rewarding innovations in government and public-private partnerships that reduce poverty and address key developmental issues of national concern”. Bohlweki Environmental, as a small company, also entered the Non-Listed Company Awards in 2001 and was shortlisted as one of the top 20 companies in this category.

During 2008, Bohlweki-SSI Environmental received recognition from the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link Project for their contribution in assisting the project win the Best Global Project to Sign Award in the field of Private Public Partnership (PPP) projects.

As a company, we are committed to promoting innovative ideas and sustainable approaches to our projects. The Innovation Awards Programme, within SSI itself, is just one of the ways staff are encouraged to “think out of the box” and add value in the workplace.

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